Games und Competitions

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Interested in some friendly competition?

Sign up on-site to participate in German inspired games including Bier Barrel Rolling, Bier Wench Stein Carrying and Stein Hoisting. Check back later for information on how to sign up your speed weenie in the Fort Worth Oktoberfest Dachshund Dash

Dachshund Dash

Register your speedy weenie in the Dachshund Dash and Parade! The fastest pup will win a prize package from Spa Paws Pet Hotel. So, sign up your furry friend or just come out and cheer them on! Must Pre-Register. Click here for more info!

Masskrugstemmen Competition

Masskrugstemmen translates as “bier-stein holding” and is a traditional Oktoberfest test of strength. Registered contestants will purchase a full liter of bier in a glass mug. Contestants will hold their full mug straight out with their arm fully extended and parallel to the floor. If an arm sags, or elbow bends or the bier sloshes, that person is out. The last arm up wins. Sign up on-site on event day. Masskrugstemmen contests are held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Bier Barrel Rolling Race

Teams of two race using one hand to roll a bier barrel down to the finish line. Sign up to participate on site the day of the event. The bier barrel rolling contests are held on Saturday.

Bier Wench Stein Carrying

Contestant must pick up and carry plastic steins a distance of 25 feet and set them back down without spilling more than three ounces out of any one stein. Whichever contestant can carry the most steins is the winner. This contest is inspired by a tradition in the bier tents of Germany in which the bar waitresses deliver biers in one-liter steins to the table, often carrying up to five steins in each hand. Sign up to participate on site on the day of the event. The stein carrying contests are held on Saturday.

Oktoberfest Olympics for a Cause

Watch community groups compete for local non-profits in this fun spin on German games. The crowd favorite brat eating contest sponsored by Siegi’s Sausage returns as one of the games in the Olympics. Mark your calendar to stop in the Aktivität Tent on Friday to watch all the fun!

Axe Throwing

Venture to the Fort Worth Axe Factory trailer to try your hand at axe throwing.