Dachshund Dash

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2024 Dachshund Dash Registration Coming Summer 2024

A Fort Worth Oktoberfest crowd favorite is the infamous Dachshund Dash sponsored by Spa Paws Pet Hotel.   Spectators arrive early on Saturday to snag a seat to watch the parade of competitors in Spaten Halle.  Crowd applause chooses the best costume in the annual costume contest.   After that, make your way out to the Aktivität Tent to watch the dash!  These cute little furry friends are sure to make you giggle.  The real pros run straight and fast to the finish line while others follow their nose wherever it takes them!

Dachshund Costume Contest

The Dachshund Parade will take place at 12:00pm on Saturday, September 28th in Spaten Halle. Although costumes are not required, they are encouraged. The best costume picked by the crowd will receive a prize donated by Spa Paws Hotel. For organizational purposes, all participants registered in the Dachshund Dash will need to participate in the parade with or without a costume. All dogs must check in in at Spaten Halle no later than 11:30am in order to participate in the parade and the dash.

Dachshund Dash

The Dachshund Dash will take place at 1:00 pm on Saturday, September 28th in Die Aktivitat Tent. Contestants must pre-register. Winner of the Dachshund Dash will win a prize basket donated by Spa Paws Hotel.


$25 Entry Fee (Includes 2 free tickets to festival)


1. In celebration of German heritage, all Dog(s) must be pure, full-blooded dachshunds.
2. All participants must be pre-registered online before the event.
3. You will be asked to provide photos of your dog(s) with your online registration form.
4. Participants must arrive by 11am and check in at the designated check in table or they will not be acknowledged as registered and therefore will not be allowed to participate in the race or events.
5. Up-to-date veterinary shot records for all participating dog(s) must be presented at the registration booth at check-in. We need to confirm the records but we do not need copies.
6. All dogs must be at least 4 months old and have had all booster shots in addition to the rabies.
7. Your dog’s name will be called twice before the heat. If handlers and dog(s) are not at the gate at the time of the race, that heat will be considered a forfeit and you may not continue. No refund will be given in the case of a forfeit.
8. Each pup should have two humans available during the heat; one at the race gate, and one at the finish line.
9. You may use a toy or treat to entice your dog(s), but you must stay at each end. Your dog(s) must come to you! The toy or treat may not be thrown or tossed. No laser lights are allowed.

10. Your dog must take off on their own from the starting line. You can’t “throw” your dog to put them ahead.
11. You may NOT run alongside the dog(s).
12. Your dog(s) may step out of bounds but must re-enter and completely cross the finish line within the boundaries without being grabbed. If the dog is touched by the handler before completely crossing the finish line, the dog will be disqualified.
13. We reserve the right to disqualify any pet/owner for behavior deemed inappropriate.
14. Any dog that bites another dog, person or handler will not be permitted to race.
15. Dog(s) must be on a leash at all times (except during race).
16. Owners must clean up after their dog(s)! Please bring your own “clean-up” supplies.
17. Judges’ rulings are final!
18. If you enter more than one dog, there needs to be an additional two humans for each added dog.
19. If there is a question that your dog is not a full-blooded dachshund, we reserve the right to ask for your dog’s papers.

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